Yeminli Tercüme Fiyatları

Our translation prices vary depending on the language, type of the document, and whether the translation is notarized or not.
Evrensel Tercüme appreciates the prices according to the rules specified in the Act of Fees no. 492.
According to this law, notarized translation or sworn translation is considered as one page consisting of 20 (twenty) lines written on an A4-size paper in 12-point fonts.
When one page of notarized or sworn translation is written in computer environment, it corresponds to approximately 1000 characters without space or 140-180 words.
Total price is calculated over the target language of the notarized or sworn translation, not the original document. (Turkish-English Notarized Translation, Turkish-French Notarized Translation, Turkish-German Notarized Translation, Turkish-Russian Notarized Translation, Turkish-Arabic Notarized Translation, Turkish-Italian Notarized Translation, Turkish-Spanish Notarized Translation, Turkish-Bulgarian Notarized Translation vb.)
• Notary fee is not included in the price of a sworn translation.
• In our Notarized Translation service, notary fee will be charged separately by the relevant notary public.
• Discount may be applied to sworn translation works consisting of multiple pages.
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