Commercial Translation

Ticari Tercüme

Do not risk your commercial business!
The most important aspect in translation of official documents is experience. Evrensel Tercüme renders the best quality services in commercial translation and all other translation works with its experienced and professional interpreters. In general, the public authorities impose obligation of notarization and apostille certification with the translations of commercial and official company documents. This requires a sworn translator. With our staff of sworn translators as Evrensel Tercüme, we are a phone call away.

Commercial Translation covers translations of any commercial documents and correspondence such as:

Commercial Documents, Feasibility Study/Report, Foreign Trade Documents, Invoices, Proforma Invoices, Customs Documents, Annual Balance Sheets, Income – Expense Statements, Tenders, Agreements, Investment and Growth Reports / Projects, Certificates of Good Standing, Tender Specifications, Insurance Policies, International Commitments, Offers, Accounting Statements, Equity Researches, Company Introduction Texts, Correspondences, Minutes, Authorized Signatures Lists and Financial Reports.
Moreover, please contact us for detailed information about English translations of the following documents, etc. and all English commercial translation services:

» Letters of credit
» Agreements
» Transfers
» Balance Sheets
» Account Statements
» Invoices
» Forms
» Income Statements
» Acquaintances
» Bills of Lading
» Board Decisions
» Contracts
» Waybills
» Patent
» Plans
» Projects
» Reports
» Notes Payable
» Correspondences
» Regulations
» Permits
» Rental Contracts
» Dealership Agreements
» Loan Agreements
» Subcontractor Agreements
» Articles of Association
» Delivery Notes
» Letters of Guarantee
» Marketing Reports
» Sales Reports
» Trade Registry Gazettes
» Purchase and Sale Agreements
» Representation Agreements
» Shareholders Agreement
» Articles of Incorporation
» Maritime Agreements
» Authorized Signatures Lists
» Distributorship Documents
» Nondisclosure Agreement
» Activity Reports
» Technical Specifications
» Tender Documents
» Policies
» Letters of Undertaking
» Power of Attorney
» Deeds of Assignment
» Contracts
» Cash Flow Statements
» Warranty Certificates
» Stock Market Analysis
» Economic Analysis
» Macroeconomics Documents
» Phytosanitary Certificates
» CE Certificates
» ISO Certificates
» Food Production Certificates
» Customs Declaration Forms
» Defect Notification Letters
» Ingredients Certificates
» Export Certificates
» Export Declaration Approvals
» Declaration of Acceptance
» Manufacturer Analysis Certificates
» Cargo Manifest
» Consular Invoices
» Certificates of Origin
» Sales Certification
» Sales and Technical Support Documents
» Registration Certificates
» Commercial Invoices
» Production and Free Sales Certificates
» Certificates of Competency
» Authorization Documents
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