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30 October 2019
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30 October 2019
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Technical translation is to translate the works and articles on machinery, construction, chemistry, agriculture, architecture, etc. containing technical information and terms. Technical translation is more difficult than other translation processes because many terms are translated into English or from English to Turkish. Because small mistakes will cause changes in the meaning which ends up as an incomprehensible text, an experienced staff is of great importance for technical translations in English and all other technical translation works. Evrensel Tercüme offers technical translations in any English-Turkish, Turkish-English and other languages with its specialized interpreters having a good comment of technical terms.

Technical translations of
» User Manuals
» Training Booklets of Technical Services
» Maintenance and Repair Handbooks and Manuals
» Tender Documents
» Device Handbooks
» Catalogues
» Bidding Dossier
» Engineering Documents
» Mechanical Engineering
» Automotive Engineering
» Mining Engineering
» Metallurgical Engineering
» Civil Engineering
» Electrical and Electronics Engineering
» Computer Engineering
» Surveying Engineering
» Manufacturing Engineering
» Industrial Engineering

and more; contact us for using our service in your technical translation needs in English-Turkish, Turkish-English and other languages.

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