Simultaneous Interpretation

By definition, simultaneous interpretation means translating concurrently. In simultaneous interpretation, by using the headphones and microphones in the booth, the interpreter translates the speech as quickly as possible while the speaker is still speaking. Simultaneous interpretation is more difficult than any other translation type because the interpreter (the person translating simultaneously) translates at the same time with the speech. Therefore, it is much more difficult than other translations, and one of the world’s most difficult professions has been recognized as the simultaneous interpreter.
Simultaneous interpretation has become an unavoidable necessity under the developing world conditions and in growing Turkey. Evrensel Tercüme offers simultaneous interpretation services to its customers at the best price with its specialized interpreter team. Simultaneous interpretation is heavily used in English, which has become a world language. Evrensel Tercüme works for offering the best services to your guests from abroad in your meetings and symposiums with its staff specialized on simultaneous interpretation.
Thanks to the professional interpreters of Evrensel Tercüme, simultaneous interpretation, which has become a nightmare of the companies because of poor quality translation offices and interpreters, stops being difficult. Please contact our office for simultaneous interpretation and other translation services in all languages.

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