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30 October 2019
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30 October 2019
Tıbbi Tercüme

Medical translation is the service that we provide for translation of documents with medical content. Medical translation is more comprehensive and difficult than many forms of translation because there are quite a lot of medical terms.

Therefore, it has to be done by competent professionals. As Evrensel Tercüme office, we provide you the best service with our experienced and specialized academician interpreters. An incorrect medical translation may cause serious health and legal consequences; this is why we have a very strict quality control system in medical translation.

On any subject including internal medicine, dentistry, pulmonology, eye diseases, heart and cardiac disease, anesthesia, biostatistics, cardiology, diagnostics, endoscopy, traumatology, public health, toxicology, pathology, clinical reports, research and articles, promotional texts and brochures of medical and pharmaceutical organizations, physician reports, patient information, clinical trials regarding pharmacology, biochemical researches, articles, medical product licenses and patents, pharmaceutical patents, theses, research, medical devices, user manuals of medical devices and more, your English medical translation works are handled carefully. Evrensel Tercüme office is a phone call away from you.

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