Consecutive Interpretation

Ardıl Tercüme

Consecutive interpretation means an interpretation progressing successively. Interpreters dealing with consecutive interpretation sit at the same table or the environment with the speaker and interpret the speech to the audience when the speaker finishes a part of the speech.

In today’s world, position of English is undeniable. Naturally, translation process is indispensable for the companies and the persons who need. Therefore, Evrensel Tercüme provides consecutive interpretation services to its valuable customers with its specialized staff. Consecutive interpretation prices are more convenient than the written translation rates because it does not require technical equipment.

Evrensel Tercüme assists you with its specialized staff and at the most affordable prices for you on consecutive and oral translations in the state offices such as marriage registry offices, notary public, etc. whenever you need.

In all your consecutive interpretation and other translation needs, Evrensel Tercüme office is just a phone call away.

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