24 October 2019

Sworn Translation

Sworn translations are made by sworn translators specialized in translation and whose expertise has been certified by a notary public. With its specialized staff, Evrensel Tercüme […]
24 October 2019

Simultaneous Interpretation

By definition, simultaneous interpretation means translating concurrently. In simultaneous interpretation, by using the headphones and microphones in the booth, the interpreter translates the speech as quickly […]
24 October 2019

Legal Translatıon

Evrensel Tercüme translates all your legal documents meticulously. Some of them are as follows: Quality services on legal translations of the power of attorneys, real estate […]
24 October 2019

Financial Translation

Financial Translation has become inevitable in developing Turkey, whether you have a small-scaled or large-scaled company. With many years of experience, Evrensel Tercüme offers Financial English […]
30 October 2019

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation means an interpretation progressing successively. Interpreters dealing with consecutive interpretation sit at the same table or the environment with the speaker and interpret the […]
30 October 2019

Academic Translation

Academic Translation means translating researches, thesis or articles in academic fields. Evrensel Tercüme is at your disposal with its specialized staff in all your academic translation […]
30 October 2019

Commercial Translation

Do not risk your commercial business! The most important aspect in translation of official documents is experience. Evrensel Tercüme renders the best quality services in commercial […]
30 October 2019
Tıbbi Tercüme

Medical Translation

Medical translation is the service that we provide for translation of documents with medical content. Medical translation is more comprehensive and difficult than many forms of […]
30 October 2019

What is an apostille? How can it be obtained?

Because Evrensel Tercüme is across the Governor’s Office of Istanbul – Cağaloğlu, you can process your apostilles easily and quickly after your translation works. What is […]
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