Web Site TercümeleriWhy do I need to translate my website?
The answer is simple. According to the researches, online shopping rates of the people who can read in their language is 4 times higher than the websites, which fail to give this opportunity.
» More than one billion people access to websites written in languages other than Turkish.
» More than 50% of the web users speak languages other than English and Turkish.
» If the website is in their language, the visitors stay on that website longer than the normal duration. (Return rate of the website is high – staying on the site rate rises)
When these results are analyzed, translation of the websites of the companies that want to open up to the world has become almost a necessity. If we take into account that English is the most widely used language in the world, translating the website into English has started to become an obligation, not a need. As Evrensel Tercüme office, we professionally translate the websites into English and other languages with our specialized staff.

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